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During our 1-hour webinar, 6 senior executives from Zapier, Mozilla, GitLab, Cloudbees, Invisible & Aha! will share their tips & best practices for effective management of remote teams.


  • How to prepare for the new work routine with each of your employees?

  • How to build an effective communication channel with your employees? 

  • How to maintain a positive atmosphere and keep morale high?

  • How to lead your team to meet all targets, missions, KPIs under the specific conditions?

  • How to create a process to keep yourself updated on progress?

  • How to maintain teamwork when the team is working remotely?  

Meet The Panelists

Anthony Palladino

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SVP, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at CloudBees

David Sakamoto


VP of Customer Success at GitLab

Doug Gaff

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VP of Engineering at Zapier

Katharina Borchert

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CIO, Mozilla

Ron Yang

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VP Product Management & UX at Aha!

Scott Downes


CTO, Invisible Technologies

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