Remote management made easy

1X1 remote management mentoring by experts who work at 100% fully remote companies

How it works

Each of your managers is matched with a remote management mentor

From the "ivy league" of 100% fully remote companies


Three online 1X1 sessions over the course of 2 weeks

Guarantee smooth transition to remote management



  • Personalized remote work plan for each employee on the team

  • Team communications plan and dedicated channels

  • Methodologies & reporting systems to lead their teams to meet all targets, missions, and KPIs under the specific conditions

  • Processes & routines to maintain teamwork & positive atmosphere & high morale

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the mentors?

Our remote management program mentors are current/formers managers in top fully remote companies. All of our mentors go through a rigorous screening process, designed by top tier experts.

How much does it cost?

Our model is designed for junior-mid level managers, so our cost is probably the lowest you have seen in the market. For exact quotes please contact us.

Are the direct manager & HRBP involved in the process?

Indeed. They provide relevant context, background & set KPIs for the process.

Do you share any information disclosed in the mentoring sessions?

Of course not. One of the most important elements in mentoring is confidentiality. Everything said in the mentoring session remains there, unless the coachee formally requested otherwise.

How do you measure success?

In the beginning of the process we define clear KPIs (by the manager, HRBP & direct manager), and measure the progress accordingly