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Apply as a coach or mentor at GrowthSpace and benefit from our access to leading tech companies around the world. Session timing is flexible, and you can work from anywhere around the world. Our innovative technology supports your success by matching the right cases for your specific expertise

Why GrowthSpace

Access the best tech companies out there

We work with employees & managers in dozens of global tech companies.

Work on the challenges you excel at

You will be matched with new customers when their challenge fits your background and expertise, significantly increasing your probability of success.

Minimize headache

Our job is to make things easy for you, so you can focus on developing your clients and forget about sales, travel, billing and scheduling.

Build your reputation

With GrowthSpace you not only develop your “logo list”, but also get genuine feedback from your clients and their managers on the impact you created. You can use this feedback to drive more demand from  GrowthSpace customers, or share with customers outside of GrowthSpace.

Join our community of experts

Build your network and make new connections with other experts in various fields from 5 continents.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be a certified coach to join GrowthSpace?

No. If you have extensive career experience in tech, you are welcome can join GrowthSpace as an expert mentor!

Can any coach become a GrowthSpace coach?

No. We want to ensure our clients get the right coach for them. To uphold our high-quality standards, our applicants go through a rigorous screening process.

Do I have to follow a specific program outline?

In order to deliver an outstanding service, we’ve collaborated with top experts to design 6 program outlines. GrowthSpace experts are expected to follow these outline, but experts are encouraged to do whatever is needed to support their coachees in reaching their program goals.

Do I get support and guidance from GrowthSpace?

Sure thing. Our coach success team is always there for you and will set you up for success.

Can I deliver coaching sessions from anywhere?

Yes. As long as you have a good webcam and a reliable internet connection — you can give your session from anywhere on the globe

What is the difference between GrowthSpace coach & mentor?

Basically, GrowthSpace coaches are certified coaches (usually by the ICF), and work with our clients on typical coaching topics (like communications, management, leadership, etc.).
GrowthSpace mentors work on more “role-specific” professional issues when the specific experience of the mentor is relevant to working on the challenge.

What are GrowthSpace Expert Fees?

GrowthSpace experts fees vary according to their geography & field of expertise.
After getting to know you, we will give you a specific offer.

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