Support Your Managers Through the COVID-19 Crisis with GrowthSpace’s Remote Management Program

One-to-one remote management training by a group of vetted experts. Affordable pricing that enables you to deploy it at scale.

Your managers will be paired with a remote management expert from the ‘ivy-league’ of remote companies

All of our experts are experienced directors and VPs

3 one-to-one sessions over 2 weeks

This allows for a smooth transition into remote management.

Our program provides your managers with the tools to:

  • Identify key challenges in shifting to remote management

  • Explore tactics and tools to overcome these challenges

  • Develop a robust personal and team action plan


  • Personalized remote work plan for each employee on the team

  • Team communications plan and dedicated channels

  • Methodologies & reporting systems to lead their teams to meet all targets, missions, and KPIs under the specific conditions

  • Processes & routines to maintain teamwork & positive atmosphere & high morale

Some examples of our remote management experts

2-minute video of Scott Downes, GrowthSpace expert & Invisible's CTO

How to deal with burnout working remotely

Scott Downes


Invisible Technologies

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Experienced, hands-on technical leader in a remote management environment. Passionate about teaching & mentoring employees, ranging from the very technical to the very creative. 

Christie Lenneville

 UX Director


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Hands-on leader who knows how to get cross-functional Design/Development teams working together to solve big problems. Passionate about supporting managers in unlocking their potentials.

Marquis White

 Learning & Development Specialist Zapier

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Passionate learning & development professional, experienced in developing managers in remote management environments.

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