Support Your Managers Through the COVID-19 Crisis with GrowthSpace’s Remote Management Program

One-to-one remote management training by a group of vetted experts

Your managers will be paired with a remote management expert from the ‘ivy-league’ of remote companies

All of our experts are experienced directors and VPs


3 one-to-one sessions over 2 weeks

This allows for a smooth transition into remote management.

Our program provides your managers with the tools to:

  • Identify key challenges in shifting to remote management

  • Explore tactics and tools to overcome these challenges

  • Develop a robust personal and team action plan


  • Personalized remote work plan for each employee on the team

  • Team communications plan and dedicated channels

  • Methodologies & reporting systems to lead their teams to meet all targets, missions, and KPIs under the specific conditions

  • Processes & routines to maintain teamwork & positive atmosphere & high morale


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the experts?

Our pool of remote management experts includes both current and former high-level managers at top, fully remote companies. All of our experts go through a meticulous vetting process, screened by top tier experts in their field.

Are direct managers and HRBPs involved in the process?

Yes, they are involved from the get-go. The managers and HRBPs provide us with relevant context used to customize our Remote program, and together we set program KPIs.

Are the sessions confidential?

Absolutely. One of the most important elements of our training is confidentiality. Anything said in the sessions remains there, unless the employee formally requested otherwise.

How do you measure success?

Before we begin each process, we, alongside senior management, HRBPs and direct managers, define clear expectations and KPIs and measure progress accordingly.

What is your program cost structure?

$250-400, depending on seniority & geography. For exact quotes please contact our sales team.

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