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We created GrowthSpace to make it easy for companies to develop every employee the way they develop their executives. To match them with the right professional who can help them leap.

Hi, we’re Omer, Dan & Izhak. We’re senior executives, behavioral experts, consultants, creatives, technologists and above all - freaks of personal development . As managers, we have researched & experimented and tried to find the best organizational development solution available to develop our ICs & Managers. Nothing really worked.

We're here to help OD leaders make personalized development accessible for managers & employees

That’s why we created GrowthSpace. To enable organizations to develop all their employees the way they develop their senior executives. One-to-one. By the expert that can help them leap.  And we do it at the cost of an average workshop.

We’re here to help you create talent & management programs like your organization have never seen before. Programs your talents will talk about, their managers will praise you. And we do this by making it ridiculously easy (and fun!) to match each one of them with amazing experts in no-time and with very little effort from your side. In short, we’re here to help you to transform your organization by transforming your people. Cheers!

Omer, Dan & Izhak

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