There is greatness in everyone

(and we know how to bring it out)

GrowthSpace enables top companies to match each employee (or group) with the most suitable expert and measure the program's impact on business KPIs


Group Sessions

Find the right experts to work with small or large groups on their most critical development needs (from agile management to DE&I)


1-to-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Match your employees & managers with ICF certified coaches, professional trainers, or professional mentors   (execs from the world's best companies).


1-to-1 Coaching & Mentoring

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The Power of 1-to-1.

Now Available At Scale.

Pair talent with hundreds of vetted experts with hands-on experience — from companies just like yours.

GrowthSpace matches your employees with experts who specialize in your employees' specific challenges. Leverage more effective individual trainings at scale and move away from the broken group development paradigm.

Standardized, pre-designed programs that aim to meet a single objective.

Solution diversity that caters to a large variety of business-related challenges.


GrowthSpace's Experts

Seasoned Professionals To Help Your Team Level Up, Reach Their Potential, And Keep Growing. One Star At A Time.


Communication Experts


Productivity Experts


Leadership Experts


Client Management Experts

Learn more about our experts

And how we match them to your employees


Organizational Value


Our unique model, developed by top experts, generates a measurable impact on a predefined challenge. In just 5 sessions.


Make maximum use out of your L&D budget. With GrowthSpace, you get exactly what you pay for.


Your direct managers and HRBPs are involved in every step of the way from setting KPIs through to measuring impact on employee performance.

How it Works

The GrowthSpace platform collects inputs from HRBPs, direct managers and employees to identify the challenges we’ll be addressing


GrowthSpace's algorithm matches your employee with one of our experts based on the challenge identified and the employee's professional background

The two spend 5 online sessions together, targeted at achieving the required business outcome

Tamar Zolberg.jpg

Tamar Zolberg

Director of OD, Taboola


“GrowthSpace has been a major factor in the success of our talent program. Using the platform enabled us to launch hundreds of 1-to-1 programs simultaneously, and with the range of cost-effective programs and high-quality experts, we were able to scale the program while achieving significant cost savings.


The quality of service and the ease of use of the platform also played part in the overall excellent experience of working with the GrowthSpace team.”


John Alexander

Head of HR, Americas, Check Point


“GrowthSpace enables us provide outside guidance/coaching to individuals who have either recently become managers of people or are being groomed for even larger, more challenging management roles.


GrowthSpace platform is a convenient and effective solution, that matches our managers to the most relevant coaches & mentors at the same time giving us a convenient dashboard to track progress and KPIs”


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the coaches/mentors?

We are proud to work with top of the line professionals.
We handpick our experts according to their certification, work and coaching experience. All of our experts have significant business experience from leading organizations, including Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young, and Credit Suisse. GrowthSpace experts go through a rigorous screening and training process, designed by top tier coaching experts.

How much does GrowthSpace cost?

Growthspace's vision is to make high level coaching available for any employee. For that reason, our cost structure is kept low and our training is delivered entirely online. For an exact quote, please contact us.

Why deliver sessions online?

Online is the future. Technology already at our disposal enables immersive meeting experiences. Millions of professionals around the world are now working and developing intimate personal relationships without meeting in person even once.
In addition, online enables flexibility, you can schedule the coaching from the quiet of your own home or during a trip to Thailand.

And not less important - it saves travel time and money.

Will my employee get a mentor, a coach or a trainer?

This depends on the employee's specific challenge, as defined by them, their direct manager and the HRBP.
If the challenge is related to communication, they will get a communication coach; if it is related to remote management, they will get a remote management mentor. If the challenge is related to a role-specific issue (like implementing agile methodology in R&D), they will get a mentor who has direct experience working in this capacity.

Do you share any information disclosed in the sessions?

No. GrowthSpace and its experts operate under a strict policy of confidentiality. Unless otherwise agreed between the participants, any information disclosed during training sessions facilitated through GrowthSpace is considered strictly private and confidential.